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2019 Waterways Symposium

Nov 6 - 8, 2019 | Fairmont Hotel, Pittsburgh



Macroeconomic Outlook in a Turbulent Period of Transition: What's Coming at Us and Where Do We Need to Be Positioned? - Tom Scott, Global Director, Agribusiness Consulting, IEG Vantage

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What's Moving on the Waterways? (Commodities Panel Moderator) - Ken Eriksen, Senior Vice President, IEG Vantage

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What's Moving on the Waterways? (Grain) - Kelly Nelson, Economist, Transportation Services Division, Agriculture Marketing Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture

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What's Moving on the Waterways? (Petroleum) - Craig Darilek, Senior Manager of Chartering, Valero Energy Corporation

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Opportunities in Energy - David Spigelmyer, President, Marcellus Shale Coalition

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The Navigation & Ecosystem Sustainability Program (NESP) and Maintenance of the Upper Mississippi River Inland Navigation System - Tom Heinold, Chief of Operations Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Rock Island District

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Upper Ohio Navigation Study and Lower Mon Project - Col. Andrew J. Short, Commander and District Engineer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Pittsburgh District

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Gulf Intracoastal Waterway - Update, Challenges, and Priorities - Jim Stark, President, Gulf Intracoastal Canal Association (GICA)

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