Who is WCI

A Message from our Chairman


Welcome to Waterways Council, Inc. (WCI), the only national organization that advocates for a modern, efficient and well-maintained inland waterways system.


The nation’s inland waterways are a vast national treasure of 12,000 miles of navigable rivers stretching across 38 states, intracoastal waterways, channels, canals, locks and dams and ports providing the safest, most fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly transportation mode for essential commodities.  Our inland waterways sustain more than 541,000 jobs worth $29 billion, and facilitate efficient access to global markets for farmers, manufacturers, the construction industry, America’s energy industry and other shippers across the country.  Additionally, there are many other beneficiaries of our waterways, including hydropower, water supply, recreation, ecosystem vitality, flood control and national defense.


Striving to keep this system operating efficiently and reliably today and for decades to come, WCI works to educate policymakers in Washington, DC and around the United States, the news media and the general public about the waterways system’s critical importance and the need to modernize locks and dams originally built in the 1920s and during the New Deal 1930s.


The success of WCI’s mission relies on the commitment of its members, a broad coalition of interests – operators, shippers, agriculture groups, labor, ports and conservation groups – and we encourage and welcome your support.  Together, we can keep our waterways – and America – open for business.


Thank you for your consideration.


Cherrie Felder



Vice President

Channel Shipyard Companies