Advocating a Modern National System of Ports & Inland Waterways
Our nation's waterways Keep America Moving, provide family-wage American jobs, support exports, and protect the environment. They relieve traffic congestion, are the most energy-efficient mode of surface transportation, and are vital to our agriculture, manufacturing and energy sectors.
Stand Up for WRDA 2024
#RiversMoveUS, but the aging lock and dam infrastructure on our inland waterways needs to be addressed. Tell Congress to act now in a Water Resources Development Act 2024

The nation's critical commodities - grain, coal, agricultural inputs, steel, petroleum products, chemicals, minerals, and aggregate materials - to be used domestically and to reach the export market in the safest, most efficient, most cost-competitive way - rely on it
21st Annual Waterways Symposium
WCI and The Waterways Journal invite you to join us on The San Antonio River Walk as we facilitate conversation and fellowship around our inland waterways. Nov 13-15, 2024.
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Help Waterways Council get the word out about the importance of waterway transportation and America’s lock and dam infrastructure. Share our TV commercial and other videos on your social media today!
Get Involved! Contact Your Legislators
Our D.C. fly-in is 24/7, 365 thanks to our website's Action Center. Contact your legislators and tell them locks and dams need attention. Use the link or text LOCKS to (202) 979-0993
WCI's Washington Meetings and Capitol Hill Fly-In
Join us at the preeminent fly-in addressing inland waterways issues. February 4-6, 2025.
Award Winning Public Education
Our TV commercial, "America's Waterways" won a Reed Award from Campaigns & Elections! Best TV ad for public affairs, Infrastructure category in 2022
20+ Years of Successful Advocacy
For more than two decades, WCI has been the leading advocate for improving the reliability and efficiency of America's inland waterway navigation infrastructure. We've been the respected voice on the importance of locks and dams to Congress, the Administration, and media. Take a look at 20 years of success on our timeline

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Your Voice is Needed! Tell Congress that Inland River Transportation Moves Products We Need and Use Every Day - Thanks to Lock and Dam Infrastructure!

Advocating a modern national system of inland waterway infrastructure & ports.