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Advocating a Modern National System of Ports & Inland Waterways
Our nation's waterways Keep America Moving, provide family-wage American jobs, support exports, and protect the environment. They relieve traffic congestion, are the most energy-efficient mode of surface transportation, and are vital to our agriculture, manufacturing and energy sectors.
The Fourth "R": RIVERS! Support Increased Funding for River Infrastructure
It's the fourth "R" - RIVERS! Its aging lock and dam infrastructure can't be forgotten among roads, rail and runways. Our waterways allow the nation's critical commodities - grain, coal, agricultural inputs, steel, petroleum products, chemicals, and aggregate materials - to be used domestically and to reach the export market in the safest, most efficient, most cost-competitive way.
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The preeminent conference discussing inland waterways issues, the 18th annual Waterways Symposium was a huge success.

Join us for the 19th Waterways Symposium in November 2022!

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Advocating a modern national system of inland waterway infrastructure & ports.