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Fred Biermann

Market Leader, Alberici

"With more than a century of experience on the inland waterways, Alberici is one of the nation’s top builders of marine-based infrastructure and a proud member of the Waterways Council.  WCI supports the goals of our clients and partners to enhance our nation’s investment in the…

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Chris Blanchard

Managing Director, Fleet Operations, Cooper Consolidated

"WCI is an important industry partner for the Cooper Group of Companies. As a board member I attend several meetings each year, including an important ‘fly-in’ to Washington, D.C., where I and others from WCI meet with Congressional leaders to educate them and stress the importance…

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Mary Ann Bucci

Executive Director, Port of Pittsburgh Commission

"WCI is a leader in advocating for the inland waterway’s infrastructure needs, especially for funding for the operations and maintenance of our nation’s lock and dam system. Whether it’s a major federal policy change, or a regional project initiative, they are always available…

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Zippy Duvall

President, American Farm Bureau Federation

“Farm Bureau relies on the Waterways Council to be the leading organization on locks and dams issues, which are vitally important to farmers and ranchers.  Farm Bureau members from across the country appreciate the expertise and enthusiasm the WCI team brings in providing Congress and the…

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Sean Duffy

Executive Director, Big River Coalition

"The Big River Coalition is committed to ensuring the future of navigation on the Mississippi River Ship Channel - one of the nation’s fundamental natural resources and a true economic powerhouse. The Coalition has often collaborated with WCI in the past, and joined WCI to help monitor the…

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Rick Calhoun

President (retired) Cargo Carriers, Inc.

"Under my tenure as Chairman, I installed agriculture and labor representatives on the Executive Committee, at some stiff resistance from the towboat industry at the time, but we needed a broader representation for credibility on the Hill. We diversified our membership to add conservation voices…

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Cherrie Felder

Vice President, Channel Shipyard Companies

"A founding member, Channel Shipyard Companies has supported Waterways Council since its inception.  Working with the diverse group of members and the dedicated, focused staff on the vital work of WCI to  the Congress and the public on the importance to commerce of our nation's waterways…

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Kenneth Hartman

Kenneth Hartman, National Corn Growers Association

“The inland waterway system is the most effective and efficient mode of transportation, moving more than 50 percent of U.S. corn to export. It keeps us competitive with countries like Brazil and Argentina who, while they produce a significant amount of corn, lack the infrastructure of inland waterways.…

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Karl Jefferson

Tri-Funds Field Coordinator, Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA)

"LIUNA is proud to be a part of Waterways Council, Inc. because of its tireless dedication to maintaining and expanding our nation’s investment in the inland waterway system, which puts thousands of our Laborer members to work. WCI’s diverse stakeholders allow it to be the most comprehensive…

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Troy Jones

Business Representative (retired) Mid-America Carpenters Regional Council

"The Carpenters are part of this effort to help rebuild this great transportation network for our country's future, and the creation of jobs for our membership. Locks and dams need to be upgraded in the worst way, and we have the workforce to rebuild the infrastructure with good, hard-working…

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Mark Knoy

President & CEO (retired) ACBL

Celebrating 20 years of inland waterways infrastructure advocacy - Mark Knoy reflects on his time as WCI Chair from 2005 - 2007 and the last 20 years!   "The best memory of my time serving as WCI’s Chairman was the opportunity to work with Berdon Lawrence and Barry Palmer, both industry…

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Merritt Lane

President/CEO, Canal Barge Company

"Canal Barge Company participated in the founding and ongoing development of WCI because of our belief in the need to modernize the inland waterways system. We, like others, were seeking a more focused effort to reverse the decades long trend of federal government under-investment in nationally…

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Bruce McGinnis

CEO, McNational, Inc

"McNational, Inc. was a founding member of WCI.  I’ve been personally involved with this organization from the beginning.  I can sincerely say that the work being done by this group is a tremendous help to our industry.  Well-run and organized with some extremely motivated…

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Dan Mecklenborg

Senior Vice President & Chief Legal Officer (retired) Ingram Barge

"I had the privilege of serving as WCI’s Chairman from 2007 until 2009. During my tenure I had the honor of hosting the retirement celebration for Barry Palmer, WCI’s first President and CEO. Barry was a dynamic force for the inland waterways who knew how to work with and persuade the…

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Brian Mueller

CEO, The Heartland Companies

“WCI is a leading voice in Washington, DC for the inland river industry and the needs of the aging inland waterways infrastructure.  The inland river industry has had many legislative successes as a result of WCI’s efforts.  The staff, the leadership, and the membership are all…

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Tim Parker, Jr.

Chairman, Parker Towing

"The best memory I have as Chairman of WCI was working with a cross-section of our industry--shippers of all types of cargo, carriers (liquid and dry), organized labor and various Corps officials. The success of WCI over the past 20 years is that we have a great story to tell and our members, large…

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Matt Ricketts

President & CEO, Crounse Corporation

“Crounse Corporation is a proud member of WCI and firmly believes in its mission.  The inland waterways are an often forgotten national strategic resource and economic driver for our country, helping to sustain over half a million American jobs and unlocking American products to world markets.…

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Ronnie Russell

President, Missouri Soybean Association

“Missouri soybean farmers rely on our river system to transport our harvest for exports, as well as bring inputs back to Missouri.  Waterways Council is on the front lines of tracking policy in DC, working with the Corps of Engineers, and finding workable solutions to our aging lock and dam…

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Peter Stephaich

Chairman, Campbell Transportation Company

“Campbell Transportation Company is a founding member of WCI.  We started WCI with a vision to create an organization to focus on funding and maintaining our inland waterways system.  We did this by uniting, under the WCI umbrella, many of the beneficiaries of our waterways.    …

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Matt Woodruff

Vice President, Public and Government Affairs, Kirby Corporation

"Kirby and its customers depend on efficient and reliable inland waterways.  Waterways Council is laser-focused on this objective and has consistently delivered meaningful results.  As an organization, it punches above its weight by engaging a diverse group of stakeholders who share this…

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