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In 2021, about 500 million tons of waterborne cargo transited America's inland waterways, a volume equal to roughly 14% of all intercity freight.  These products, valued at over $158 billion, were shipped on the portions of our inland waterways system that generate revenue for capital improvements by a fuel user fee on commercial vessels.  


Much of that tonnage travels through some of the 219 locks at 176 sites on the inland waterways system.


But the lock and dam infrastructure keeping the system moving is aging - 80% of America's locks have exceeded their engineered design life.



$16 in annual net economic benefits to the nation are generated by the Corps of Engineers’ Civil Works Mission for every $1 expended.

(Source: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Senate committee to quiz Army Corps on water projects bill

February 26, 2024   Energy & Environment Daily

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Mississippi River levels return to normal

February 23, 2024   St. Louis Post-Dispatch

After low Mississippi River levels caused shipping disruptions last fall, water levels have improved.   Deb Calhoun, senior vice president of Waterways Council, Inc., said low river levels have been a frequent obstacle in recent years. “I’m happy to report that things are looking great…

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Oil and national security (opinion)

February 23, 2024   The Waterways Journal

  In 2023, the United States once again moved into the position of the world’s top oil and gas producer and exporter. By year’s end, the U.S. was producing almost 14 million barrels of oil per day—a record. Those production increases have come mostly from smaller producers, who…

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Bearing Failure Causes Unplanned Closure At Cochran Lock

February 23, 2024   The Waterways Journal

With the extended closure at Demopolis Lock on the Tombigbee River in Alabama ongoing, the Mobile Engineer District has announced a second, albeit much shorter, unplanned lock closure within its area of responsibility. The district sent out a navigation bulletin February 18 announcing that a bearing…

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Principles, Requirements, and Guidelines for Water Resources Investments: U.S. Corps of Engineers Proposed Rule Establishing Agency Specific Procedures

February 22, 2024   JD SUPRA

The United States Corps of Engineers (“Corps”) published in the February 15th Federal Register a proposed rule that establishes what it describes as Agency Specific Procedures (“ASPs”) for its implementation of the Principles, Requirements, and Guidelines (“PR&G”) for…

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Corps Awards Demopolis Repair Contract

February 16, 2024   The Waterways Journal

  The Mobile Engineer District is marching ahead with repair work at Demopolis Lock on the Tombigbee River, near Demopolis, Ala., where a portion of the upper miter sill failed January 16, damaging a portion of the floor of the lock chamber in the process. “The district fleet has begun removing…

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National Waterways Foundation Releases Updated State Profiles

February 16, 2024   The Waterways Journal

The National Waterways Foundation (NWF) has released updated waterways profiles for the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia and Wisconsin. Taken together, the states…

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Another Stress Point In Inland System (opinion)

February 16, 2024   The Waterways Journal

Demopolis Lock, located on the Tombigbee River just below its confluence with the Black Warrior River, has been in a non-scheduled closure since January 16 and is now expected to remain closed until May. Its roughly 12 transits a day will have to take the longer route around via the Mississippi River…

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GAO to Army Corps: Make climate resilience a core value

February 16, 2024   Politico Pro

Federal investigators on Thursday recommended a set of sweeping reforms to the Army Corps of Engineers' flood control programs to better prepare U.S. communities from worsening climate impacts.   In a 105-page report, the Government Accountability Office identified 14 options for the Army Corps…

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Johnson sends House home with huge to-do list and little progress to avoid government shutdown

February 15, 2024   Washington Examiner

The House adjourned for its recess one day early amid disagreements over national security legislation, leaving town with a mounting to-do list and a government shutdown deadline just two weeks away.  Lawmakers left the Capitol on Thursday afternoon without making progress on several…

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