Member Testimonials: Value of WCI Membership

Peter Stephaich

Chairman, Campbell Transportation Company

“Campbell Transportation Company is a founding member of WCI.  We started WCI with a vision to create an organization to focus on funding and maintaining our inland waterways system.  We did this by uniting, under the WCI umbrella, many of the beneficiaries of our waterways.  


WCI remains focused and succeeds in achieving consistent increases in funding for Corps construction and operations and maintenance, as well as significant achievements in authorizing legislation. Add to that rapid response to operational issues and it’s easy to see WCI produces results that we all benefit from.  Without WCI, we would not have achieved these results.”  

- Peter Stephaich, Chairman, Campbell Transportation Company


pictured: Peter Stephaich (right) presents Sen. Bob Casey (PA) with Waterways Council's Congressional Leadership Award in 2014 for his work on the RIVER Act