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WCI Presents 17th Annual Leadership Service Award To Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY); Former Corps Chief of Navigation Jeff McKee Receives 2018 Waterways Counsel Award

February 15, 2018   Debra Calhoun

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On February 14, 2018, Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) (below, right) received Waterways Council, Inc.'s (WCI) 17th Annual Leadership Service Award for his strong and continued leadership on ports and inland waterways issues. He was presented the award by Stephen Little, Chairman of Crounse Corporation (Paducah, KY).


WCI President & CEO Mike Toohey said, “We were honored to have the opportunity to celebrate Senator McConnell, who has been a stalwart advocate for the inland waterways in his state of Kentucky, but throughout the United States. The Founding Fathers of this Nation understood the inherent importance of the inland waterways system as a national treasure, and Senator McConnell continues to represent that viewpoint, for which we are profoundly grateful.”


Also on February 14, 2018, recently retired former U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Chief of the Navigation Branch Jeffrey A. McKee (right) received the 2018 Waterways Counsel Award for his diligence and leadership in working with the waterways industry. The award was presented by Peter Stephaich (Campbell Transportation Company), Vice Chairman of WCI.


Waterways Council, Inc. is the national public policy organization advocating a modern and well- maintained national system of ports and inland waterways. The group is supported by waterways carriers, shippers, port authorities, shipping associations, labor and conservation groups, and waterways advocacy groups from all regions of the country.