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November 1, 2023   MissouriNet

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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will be holding a press conference on Wednesday, November 8 in Memphis, TN about the low-water levels on the Mississippi River. Experts will provide detailed information to the public on what is being done to keep the navigation channel safe, open, and keep commerce moving on the river.


Missouri’s second consecutive year of drought and record low water is causing impacts on navigation, commerce, barge traffic, and farming. Dru Buntin is the Director of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.


“The impacts from the drought in terms of row crop farmers, those impacts have already happened in terms of production, but we still have concerns about the availability of navigation on the Mississippi River,” said Buntin.


He said that the water level, according to the St. Louis gauge, was at a negative 3.4 and, although he believes the channel will stay open, projects are underway that would lower the stage level even more.


“The weather service heard from the Corps of Engineers in terms of what the forecasting conditions are for navigation on the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers,” Buntin said. “We are at very low conditions on the Mississippi River on the St. Louis gauge.”


For those unable to physically attend the meeting in Memphis, Tennessee, you can attend virtually through the platform WebEx.

NOTE: RSVP is required. Please RSVP to Public Affairs Officer Ben Alumbaugh,, Friday, November 3, 4:00 p.m.