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Barge planned to transport space rockets to launch sites

May 25, 2023   Ship & Offshore

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U.S. naval architects Bristol Harbor Group Inc (BHGI) has selected by the space rocket consortium United Launch Alliance (ULA) to design an inland waterways ocean-going Ro/Ro freight barge to transport rockets to their launch sites. Vulcan Centaur is a two-stage-to-orbit, heavy-lift launch rocket that has been under development by ULA since 2014. It is principally designed to meet launch demands for the U.S. Government's National Security Space Launch programme for use by the United States Space Force and U.S. intelligence agencies for national security satellite launches. Vulcan Centaur will also be used for commercial launches.


The barge will be used to transport Vulcan Centaur rockets and will be manned by an operations and cargo monitoring crew. ULA is expected to issue a competitive tender to U.S. yards to build the vessel this summer. BHGI will also aid in the bidding process for prospective shipyards, including answering any bidder questions, reviewing shipyard proposals and providing construction oversight.


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