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Capito Secures $241 Million in Congressionally Directed Spending for West Virginia

March 12, 2022   West Virginia Daily News

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.), a leader on the Senate Appropriations Committee, tonight voted in favor of the Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 appropriations omnibus package, which included $241,135,000 she secured in direct spending measures across West Virginia. Senator Capito requested the funding through the reinstituted Congressionally Directed Spending process.

“I am thrilled to see this money heading directly to West Virginia,” Senator Capito said.


“I respect this new process, and worked with the Appropriations Committee to ensure transparency and accountability in my requests on behalf of West Virginians. This funding is heading to schools, universities, hospitals, and towns to improve broadband, spur economic development, expand infrastructure—especially water and wastewater infrastructure—and keep our communities safe. Although the appropriations process has taken longer than usual this year, we finally crossed the finish line with today’s passage. Now that the omnibus package has passed, I look forward to the president signing this into law and seeing firsthand the benefits these funds will have in West Virginians’ day-to-day lives.”


Subcommittee on Agriculture, Rural Development, and Food and Drug Administration

Rural Development- Distance Learning, Telemedicine & Broadband Program (DLT)


Distance Learning – West Virginia University – $328,000

Dual Enrollment Hub Sites – Shepherd University – $111,000

Distance Learning – Pocahontas County Board of Education – $462,000

Rural Community Facilities Program


Safety Complex Stair Replacement – Town of Anmoore – $55,000

Subcommittee on Commerce, Science, and Justice


Department of Commerce; National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST); Scientific and Technical Research Services


Advanced Biomedical Instrumentation and Research Training – University of Charleston – $385,000

Procurement of Technology and Equipment to Respond to Opioid and Violence Epidemics in WV – West Virginia University – $705,000

Department of Justice; Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS); COPS Law Enforcement Technology


NIBIN Database Entry Terminal Procurement – City of Huntington – $218,000

New Police Station Technology – City of Milton Police Department – $33,000

Police Cruiser Equipment Update – City of Milton Police Department – $118,000

Granville K9 Wandering and Criminal Detection Program – Granville Police Department – $150,000

Charleston Eyes & Ears Police Technology Initiative – City of Charleston – $750,000

Wheeling Law Enforcement Technology Program – City of Wheeling – $1,001,000

Shepherd University Campus Security Upgrades – Shepherd University Police Department – $4,000,000

Department of Justice; Office of Justice Programs (OJP); State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance; Byrne Discretionary


Development of a Crisis Intervention Team in Charleston – City of Charleston – $1,000,000

Procurement of Vehicular Evidence Detection Equipment – City of Huntington – $2,000

Charleston Drug Market Intervention Initiative – City of Charleston – $300,000

Marshall University Law Enforcement Training Center in Forensic Sciences – Marshall University – $1,750,000

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA); Safety, Security and Mission Services


Spacecraft Development Facility – West Virginia University – $800,000

Update Technology at the Challenger Learning Center and Support Seasonal Educational Programming – Wheeling University Challenger Learning Center – $3,000,000

Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development


Corps of Engineers; Construction


Marrtown Sanitary Sewer Extension, Section 219 – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – $3,200,000

Shepherdstown System Improvements, Section 571 – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – $1,668,000

Wheeling Elm Run Flash Flooding, Section 219 – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – $546,000

Corps of Engineers; Operations and Maintenance


Kanawha River Locks and Dams – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Huntington District – $6,900,000

Department of Energy; Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy


Development of an Electric Vehicle Associate’s Degree Curriculum Standards and Educational Materials for Automotive Educators and Technicians Nationwide – West Virginia University – $1,000,000

Department of Energy; Office of Fossil Energy


Mercer County Gas Line Extension – Development Authority of Mercer County – $2,959,000

Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government


Small Business Administration


Outdoor Industry Softlines Prototyping Textiles Lab – New River Gorge Regional Development Authority – $1,500,000

FASTER WV – Advantage Valley – $300,000

Marshall University Aerospace Manufacturing Training – Marshall University – $1,000,000

West Virginia University’s Agribusiness Development Accelerator – West Virginia University Parkersburg – $570,000

Subcommittee on Homeland Security


Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Grants


Emergency Operations Center Facility Project – WV Division of Emergency Management – $955,000

WV Water Treatment Plant Auxiliary Power Project – WV Division of Emergency Management – $708,000

Subcommittee on Interior and Environment


National Park Service; Historic Preservation Fund


Charles Washington’s Home, National Register of Historic Places, Rehabilitation and Revitalization, Save America’s Treasures – West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office – $500,000

Cottrill Building, National Register of Historic Places, Rehabilitation and Revitalization, Save America’s Treasures – West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office – $500,000

Wheeling Centre Market Preservation, National Register of Historic Places, Rehabilitation and Revitalization, Save America’s Treasures – West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office – $150,000

Environmental Protection Agency; Water and Wastewater Infrastructure


Hodgesville PSD Water System Improvements – Hodgesville Public Service District – $4,037,000

Alderson Water System Rehabilitation and Extension Project – Town of Alderson – $2,000,000

Burnsville Lake Water Supply Line Improvements – Town of Burnsville – $4,800,000

Burnsville Wastewater Collection System Rehabilitation Project – Town of Burnsville – $669,000

Canaan Valley Public Service District Water Plant – Canaan Valley Public Service District – $8,000,000

City of Follansbee Wastewater System Improvements Project – City of Follansbee – $10,269,000

City of Weirton Water Treatment Capacity Project – City of Weirton – $22,470,000

Clarksburg Water Board Distribution System Improvements – Clarksburg Water Board – $6,880,000

Faulkner Road Water Line Extension to Bowden – Midland Public Service District – $2,000,000

Grafton Wastewater Systems Improvement Project – City of Grafton – $3,000,000

Greenbrier County Phase II Waterline Extension – Greenbrier County Public Service District No 2 – $1,500,000

Kanawha County Commission for Leatherwood Water Project – Kanawha County Commission – $5,230,000

Kermit Rehabilitation of Water Treatment Facility – Town of Kermit – $2,747,000

Marmet Sanitary/Storm Separation Project: Maryland Ave Overflow Abatement – Town of Marmet – $860,000

McDowell sanitary septic and sewage service project – DigDeep Right to Water Project – $495,000

Meadow Bridge Distribution System Upgrade and Extension – Town of Meadow Bridge – $1,000,000

Monumental Public Service District Waterline Expansion – Monumental Public Service District – $283,000

Nettie Leivasy Water System Improvements Project – Nettie Leivasy Public Service District – $4,020,000

Nitro Stormwater and Sewer Upgrade Project – City of Nitro – $2,888,000

Oceana Wastewater Collection System Upgrades – Town of Oceana – $1,444,000

Parkersburg Marrtown Road Sewer Improvements – Parkersburg Utility Board – $2,500,000

Parsons Sanitary Sewer System Compliance – City of Parsons – $1,600,000

Preston County PSD 1 Water Treatment Plant and Water Line Upgrades – Preston County PSD 1 – $646,000

Ravenswood Pump Station Improvement – City of Ravenswood – $2,000,000

Ripley Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements – City of Ripley – $3,000,000

Rowlesburg Sanitary Sewer System Upgrade – Town of Rowlesburg – $7,578,000

Salt Rock Sewer Phase II Pump Station Upgrade Project – Salt Rock Sewer Public Service District (SRSPSD) – $1,416,000

Southern Jackson County Wastewater Treatment System Upgrade – Southern Jackson County Public Service District – $2,158,000

Worthington Water Service Upgrade Project – Town of Worthington – $1,000,000

Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education


Department of Labor; Employment and Training Administration (ETA)


Workforce development initiative, including equipment and curriculum development – City of Charleston – $500,000

Apprenticeship initiative – Marshall University – $4,500,000

Training program, including equipment and curriculum – West Virginia Community and Technical College System – $300,000

Health and Human Services; Health Resources and Services Administration


Medical education facilities and equipment – Bluefield State College – $300,000

Electronic medical records initiative – Cabell Huntington Hospital Foundation – $267,000

Clinical imaging equipment – Charleston Area Medical Center – $5,000,000

Intensive Care Unit equipment – Charleston Area Medical Center – $5,000,000

Simulation center facilities and equipment – Charleston Area Medical Center – $6,000,000

Ohio Valley Medical Center facilities and equipment – City of Wheeling – $500,000

Health workforce initiative – Concord University – $850,000

School of Nursing facilities and equipment – Concord University – $1,600,000

Oncology Infusion Center – Mon Health Preston Memorial Hospital – $580,000

Medical complex facilities and equipment – New River Health Association – $5,000,000

Cancer Infusion Center facilities and equipment – Thomas Health System – $495,000

Imaging equipment – Thomas Health System – $5,500,000

St. Francis Hospital facilities and equipment – Thomas Health System – $1,200,000

Nursing program equipment – University of Charleston – $786,000

Clinic expansion – West Virginia Health Right – $4,000,000

Telehealth initiative – West Virginia University – $262,000

Health and Human Services; Administration for Children and Families


Center on foster care studies – Marshall University – $1,000,000

Health and Human Services; Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration


Mental health and substance use prevention and treatment services, including outreach and wraparound services – City of Charleston – $300,000

School-based mental and behavioral health services – Community Care of West Virginia – $1,250,000

Expansion of recovery services, including training and technical assistance – Marshall University – $4,961,000

Trauma awareness and substance use prevention services – The Martinsburg Initiative – $500,000

Department of Education, Higher Education


Cyber security center, including technology and equipment – Marshall University – $1,500,000

Agriculture equipment and supplies – Potomac State College of WVU – $92,000

Equipment and technology upgrades – Shepherd University – $36,000

Student services – Shepherd University – $70,000

Technology and equipment to improve broadband access – Shepherd University – $135,000

Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development


Department of Transportation; Airport Improvement Program


General Aviation Apron Construction and Rehabilitation – Yeager Airport (CRW) – $3,121,000

Taxiway Echo Expansion – Eastern West Virginia Regional Airport (MRB) – $850,000

Clarksburg Airport (CKB) – $5,000,000

Mingo County Airport Access Road – Appalachian Regional Airport (EBD) – $3,300,000

Department of Transportation; Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvement


Weirton Frontier Crossings Project – City of Weirton – $1,000,000

Department of Housing and Urban Development; Economic Development Initiative


Appalachia Service Project Rural Home Repair – Appalachia Service Project – $400,000

Ascend WV Morgantown Working Space – West Virginia University – $850,000

The Barkers Creek Industrial Park Power Expansion – Wyoming County Economic Development Authority – $835,000

Beech Bottom Industrial Park Water Infrastructure Expansion – Village of Beech Bottom – $1,957,000

Blighted, Abandoned, and Dilapidated Buildings Upgrade & Removal Fund – Braxton County Commission – $500,000

Charleston Low Barrier Shelter – City of Charleston – $1,000,000

City Center Business Improvement District—Opportunity Zone – Charleston Urban Renewal Authority – $600,000

Coal Heritage Discovery Facility – National Coal Heritage Area Authority – $415,000

Combating WV Food Deserts through Economic Development and Mobile Markets – West Virginia University – $990,000

Crites Industrial Park – Hardy County Rural Development Authority – $2,268,000

Design Report for Ronceverte Railroad Bridge Restoration – City of Ronceverte – $100,000

Elkins Building Redevelopment – Woodlands Development Group – $1,750,000

Fairmont Regional Tech Hub – Fairmont Community Development Partnership, Inc. – $1,000,000

Fire Sprinkler System at the Keith Albee Performing Arts Center – Keith Albee Performing Arts Center, Inc. – $250,000

Hazel’s House of Hope – Morgantown Community Resources – $1,194,000

Lonnie Gunter, Jr. Center for Culture & History – RiffRaff Arts Collective – $637,000

Mount Hope Community Improvements – City of Mount Hope – $788,000

Mount Hope Facilities Upgrade – City of Mount Hope – $2,393,000

Mountaineer Recovery Village— Phase 1 – Semper Liberi – $1,500,000

Phase II of the Amphitheatre at Sam Michaels Park – Jefferson County Parks and Recreation Commission – $925,000

Revive Downtown Charles Town Project – City of Charles Town – $250,000

Shepherd University East Loop: Environmental Remediation and Demolition – Shepherd University – $1,475,000

Shepherd University East Loop: Gateway Entrance – Shepherd University – $936,000

Smithers Integrated Trail System – City of Smithers – $4,688,000

St. Marys Business Park – Pleasants County Development Authority – $473,000

The Barkers Creek Industrial Park, Access Bridge – Wyoming County Economic Development Authority – $850,000

Thomas Multi-Use Co-Working and Small Business Center – Woodlands Development Group – $622,000

Wheeling Artisan Center Upgrade – City of Wheeling – $1,000,000

Wheeling Food Hub – Grow Ohio Valley, Inc. – $620,000