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Mississippi River mayors talk Corps spending plan

January 31, 2022   Advantage News

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Mississippi River Mayors and the Waterways Council joined to tout the benefits of a US Army Corps of Engineers’ spending plan, with some details announced Monday. The Mississippi River Cities & Towns Initiative hosted the Zoom meeting, which laid out the USACE infrastructure plan for projects in Middle America totaling $5.3 billion for the Mississippi River Corridor.


That includes funding for NESP, or Navigation Ecosystem Sustainability Program. The city of Grafton resides at the western boundary of America’s Central Port which Grafton Mayor Mike Morrow says will benefit directly from the expansion slated for Lock 25 just north of both the port and Grafton.


From a tourism perspective, Morrow says the environmental components will directly help the city as it looks to expand its regional ferry system and promote ecotourism along its waterfront.