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Welcome to Waterways Council, Inc.! (WCI). We are the only organization that advocates for a modern, efficient and well-maintained system of inland waterways infrastructure. The nation’s inland waterways remain a vast national treasure of 12,000 miles of navigable rivers stretching across 38 states, intracoastal waterways, channels, ports, canals, and locks and dams that facilitate the safest, most fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly transportation mode for essential commodities. Our inland waterways sustain more than 541,000 jobs worth $29 billion, and facilitate competition for farmers, manufacturers and other shippers in demanding world markets. The U.S. construction industry benefits from properly maintained waterways, and America’s energy renaissance relies upon efficient waterways transportation. Other non-transportation beneficiaries of our waterways include hydro-power, water supply, ecosystem maintenance, recreation, national defense and more. WCI’s mission strives to keep this system operating as efficiently and reliably today and for decades ahead.
WCI educates policy-makers in the national’s capital and around the nation, in the news media, and the general public about the waterways systems’ critical importance. With aging locks and dams built in the 1920s and during the New Deal of the 1930s, it is time to address these structures to continue to reliably serve current and future needs in the nation’s transportation supply chain.
Let’s work to keep our waterways open for business and America’s building block commodities on the move.
Thank you!

Tim Parker
President and CEO
Parker Towing Company
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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