Old Man River Needs Some Work Done Jun 29, 2015 - One of the essential elements of infrastructure in the U.S. is the river lock. Most locks close off a 600- to 1,200-foot stretch of river and raise and lower the water in the sealed-off chamber. Towboats and barges enter and exit the locks to travel between sections of river that are at different levels. The U.S. has 242 locks in operation on 12,000 miles of navigable waterways. In 2013, $216 billion in freight moved along them, including the Mississippi, Ohio, and Illinois rivers. Moving oil, coal, soybeans, and cement by barge is much cheaper than by rail or highway: Without the locks, such low-cost shipping would be nearly impossible. The locks are in dire need of repair and replacement. Mechanized gates get stuck, and chunks of concrete are falling off walls battered by barges. In October 2011 a 280-foot section of wall by the Lockport Lock in Illinois crumbled into the water.
The waterways help support the U.S. agriculture industry and a stronger American economy See WCI's new TV commercial here: