Infrastructure Dollars the Big Challenge in Keeping US Exports Moving Sep 22, 2016 - Kip Tom, who produces a big acreage of soybeans, corn and seed corn in northeast Indiana, needs to get his corn to ethanol plants and soybeans to crushing facilities across a good portion of his state. The ethanol, distillers' grains and oil from his crops go by truck, rail tanker or barge on the Ohio River along the southern Indiana border. In terms of infrastructure, he believes he is in a great location: “One of our advantages is our access here to about 65 percent of the nation by truck within 24 hours,” he says. But Tom says he has watched transportation dollars for his state and counties shrink for years while the demands on the highways continues to increase with ever larger farm production. “We see our country roads falling apart.” For him, “It's becoming more and more difficult. When we site a new grain plant, we make sure we put it on a good road where we will be allowed to ship year round . . .”
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