WCI ELECTS DIRECTORS, OFFICERS, AUDIT COMMITTEE MEMBERS Nov 16, 2017 - The following were elected to the WCI Board of Director (terms expiring November 2020 unless noted): Ohio Valley Region • Peter Stephaich, Campbell Transportation Company, Pittsburgh, PA Mississippi Region • Lee Nelson, Upper River Services, St. Paul, MN, Southern Region • Steve Golding, Golding Barge Line, Vicksburg, MS East/West Coast Region • Tim Parker, Parker Towing Company, Tuscaloosa, AL Shippers Category • Todd Sandifer, Marathon Petroleum Company, Ashland, KY Carriers Category • Jeff Webb, Cargill Marine & Terminals, Wayzata, MN Waterways Services Category • Brian Mueller, The Heartland Companies, Columbia, IL Associations/Government Category • Brandy Christian, Port of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA At-Large Category • Dave Frederick, First Energy, Akron, OH • Jeff Keifer, American Electric Power, Columbus, OH Board Members by Virtue of Their Title: • Michael Toohey, President and CEO, Waterways Council., Inc., Washington, DC, Term expires: November 2018 • Dan Mecklenborg, General Counsel, Ingram Barge Company, Nashville, TN, Term expires: November 2018

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