Dear Prospective Member:

As Chairman of Waterways Council, Inc.’s (WCI) membership effort, let me take the opportunity to familiarize you with WCI, the national public policy organization advocating for a modern and well-maintained national system of ports and inland waterways.

Our members include shippers and receivers of our nation’s bulk commodities, waterways carriers, ports, shipping associations, agriculture producer groups, organized labor, waterways advocacy groups from all regions of the country, and environmental and conservation groups, totaling approximately 175. WCI has accomplished great things since its inception in December 2003.

WCI programs and operations rely solely on the financial resources of the organization’s membership. We work to promote the importance of our inland river transportation network to policy leaders, the news media, and the general public. We are seeing progress in this regard through the passage of WRRDA 2014 and higher appropriations funding levels that will ultimately create hundreds of millions of construction man-hours and regenerate America’s economic prosperity through more efficient river transportation. We have an opportunity to make further progress with the infrastructure funding initiative ahead in the Trump Administration.

Our timely legislative initiatives are complemented with a public education campaign, as we continue with our active grassroots work across the country. A strong foundation of public awareness is necessary to meet the challenges ahead, but our success is based solely on funding from our members.

And so, I’d like to take this opportunity to encourage you to participate in these efforts by joining WCI.

Join us in Mobile, Alabama for WCI’s 14th Annual Waterways Symposium, November 8-10, 2017 at the Battle House, 26 N. Royal Street. The event is co-sponsored with Waterways Journal and Informa Economics IEG.

It will take all of us working together to achieve our collective goals. I invite you to contact me if you wish to discuss WCI membership or schedule a visit from WCI leaders in your region at (651) 292-9293, or via e-mail me at Thank you.

Lee Nelson
President, Upper River Services
St. Paul, Minnesota