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Factoids: In 2016, 557.8 million tons valued at $300 billion were shipped on our inland waterways system

There are 219 locks at 176 sites on the inland waterways system. The average age of these locks is over 60 years, and 59% of the locks are over 50 years old.

$16 in annual net economic benefits to the nation are generated by the Corps of Engineers’ Civil Works Mission for every $1 expended.

(Source: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)

What Others are Saying…

Editorials, Op-Eds, Articles and Radio/TV Interviews in Support of America’s Waterways (2018)

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Editorial: Olmsted Opening: A Time For Reflection And Resolution (Waterways Journal, September 7)

New Maritime Office to Open in Paducah (Paducah Sun, August 24)

Four-part series of articles on Olmsted Locks & Dam (Metropolis Daily Planet, August 2, 9, 16, 23)

Iowa River Traffic Relies on Aging Lock and Dam System (Herald-Whig, August 18)

River Infrastructure a Necessary Expensive Investment (Herald-Dispatch, August 12)

Olmsted Locks & Dam: A Look at the Largest Army Corps of Engineers Project in the United States (Metropolis Daily Planet, August 2)

Thirty Years and $3 billion Later, Olmsted Lock and Dam to Open in October (Workboat, July 31)

It Took 30 Years, But the Biggest Traffic Jam on the Nation’s Rivers is About to Be Cleared (Pittsburgh Post Gazette, July 30)

Opinion: BIG HELP: Opening of Olmsted Arriving Just in Time (Paducah Sun, July 28)

Nearing Completion (Metropolis Daily Planet, July 26)

Half of U.S. Locks and Dams Past Design Life, Port Official Tells Congress (Workboat, July 19)

Senator Casey Calls for Action on Ohio River Lock and Dam Projects (Pittsburgh Tribune Live, July 11)

Barging on Through (Daily Mail, Charleston, West Virginia), July 6)

Don’t Forget the Fourth “R”, Commentary by Mike Toohey (Daily Mail, Charleston, West Virginia), July 6)

Commentary by Mike Toohey: Corps Gets Funding Boosts in FY 2018 and FY 2019 (Marine Log, June)

Editorial: Moving Civil Works Has Been Proposed Before (Waterways Journal, June 29)

Editorial: On Infrastructure, Congress Is Acting Like Congress (Waterways Journal, June 15)

Dire Straits (USA Today, June 14)

The Mississippi River Lock and Dam System is Critical to the Economy. But It’s Falling Apart Fast (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, June 1)

Barge Industry Still Faces Challenges, CEO Says (Workboat, May 23)

Congress Working with Trump to Strengthen Our Nation’s Crucial Infrastructure, Op-Ed by Rep. Sam Graves (Kansas City Star, May 23)

Inland Waterways Move America (Port Bureau News, Greater Houston Port Bureau, May issue)

Disappearing Waterways? Perhaps If We Reap What They Sow…Op-Ed by Mike Toohey (Marine Log, April issue)

The Region’s Locks are Showing More Cracks, But High Waters Mask How Much Repair They Need (Pittsburgh Post Gazette, April 19)

McCracken County Officials Discuss Maritime Issues with Congressmen (West Kentucky Star, March 27)

River Industry Worried Current Administration Doesn’t Understand Our Business
(WKMS, March 27)

Editorial: A New Busy Season on our Working River (Pioneer Press, March 22)

McCracken County Officials Discuss Maritime Issues with Congressmen (West Kentucky Star, March 27)

Century-old Locks and Dams Require Urgent Upgrades, by Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL) (Washington Times, March 21)

Infrastructure is Not a Republican or Democratic Issue, It’s an American Issue, by Rep. Bill Shuster (R-PA) (Washington Times, March 21)

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Work Progresses on New Chickamauga Lock Despite Budget Challenges (Chattanooga Times Free Press, March 1)

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President’s Infrastructure Plan Falls Short on Inland Waterways (Marine Log, February 12)

View: Congress Should Invest in River Upgrades (Herald Whig (Quincy, Illinois) January 28)

Editorial: Treading Water: Time to Fix our Aging Water Highways (The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) January 14)

Editorial: Infrastructure Negotiations Loom in Congress (Waterways Journal, January 8)

Media Coverage (2017)

Real-World Infrastructure Needs, Marine News Op-ed by Mike Toohey (December issue)

Wooden Dams and River Jams: U.S. Strains to Ship Record Grains, Reuters (December 5)

Federal Waterways Infrastructure Outlook, Marine Link (December 4)

Take Me to the River: America’s Oldest Transport Network Needs Some Attention, The Economist (October 12)

Farmers Moving Grain Concerned About Locks and Dam Closing, Iowa Ag Radio (October 12)

Shutdown on the Ohio River Backs Up Traffic for Miles, Agri-Pulse (October 3)

Ohio River Closed to Shipping After Lock Failure, Reuters (October 2)

Let’s Get It Right, Commentary By Mike Toohey, Marine Log (August)

Locks in Disrepair Put River Transportation in Jeopardy, Fox News (July 7)

Op-Ed by Rick Calhoun, Cargill: Seeking Equitable, Fair Proposals to Modernize our Inland Waterways, St. Louis Post-Dispatch (June 15)

Radio Interview with Austin Golding, Golding Barge, on President’s Trump’s Visit to the Ohio River, National Public Radio’s Marketplace (June 12)

Trump Puts US Waterways in Spotlight, CNBC Squawk Box (June 7)

Trump Offers Few Details in Cincinnati Infrastructure Speech, Politico (June 7)

Shipping Group Balks at Trump Budget (June 1)

WCI Meets the Press, Addresses FY 2018 Budget Request (June 1)

Administration’s Infrastructure Plan Won’t Work for Inland Waterways, Group Says (June 2)

Trump’s Chance to Rebuild America’s Inland Waterways, Op-Ed by Michael J. Toohey, LifeZette (May 2)

Barges are Best!, Op-Ed by Charles T. Jones, Daily Mail Opinion Page of the Charleston Gazette-Mail (April 7)

Barge Transport Wins on Fuel Efficiency,” Maritime Executive (March 29)

Public-Private Partnerships Could Generate More Waterway Funding,”AgDay TV (March 14)

“Illinois Rivers Project Could Get New Life with Trump Infrastructure Push,” Chicago Tribune (March 13)

“Investing in the Mississippi River Ought to be a National Priority: Editorial,” New Orleans Times Picayune (March 5)

“Mike Toohey: Guest on the Infra Blog,” Infra Update (March 1)

“Opposing Forces Find Common Ground,” Iowa Public Television Market to Market (January)

Media Coverage (2016)

Choke Point of a Nation: The High Cost of an Aging River Lock,” New York Times (November 23)

National Public Radio interview with Austin Golding, Golding Barge Company (November 17)

Life of a Towboat Captain: Beauty, Barges and Adept Parallel Parking,” Nashville Tennessean (November 12)

“Editorial: Our Working River: Keep It In Working Order,” St. Paul Pioneer Press (September 11)

“When it Comes to Waterway Infrastructure, What Happened?,” Agri-Pulse (from LaGrange Lock and Dam) (August 1)

National Association of Manufacturers’ Infrastructure Week Video, “Beyond Bridges: Infrastructure Matters for Manufacturers” (May 16)

Commentary by Mike Toohey: Best Budget Boost Benched (Marine Log, June)
Editorial: Don’t Forget the Waterways in Infrastructure Funding (Daily Mail Opinion page of the Charleston Gazette-Mail, June 2)
Editorial: Inland Waterways Still Vital Asset for Tri-State (Huntington Herald-Dispatch, May 27)
House Committee Approves $5 Billion Water Resources Bill (Engineering News Record, May 25)
Editorial: Fix the Locks: Don’t Miss this Chance to Repair Vital Waterways (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, May 24)
Stakeholders Voice Opposition to Proposed Waterway Tolls (Marine News, April 7)
Delays in Lock and Dam Repairs Jeopardize River Economy and Water Supply, Lawmakers Say (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 7)
Congressmen Rothfus, Shuster Want Locks Report Finalized (Pittsburgh Tribune Review, April 7)
Rothfus Tours Montgomery Locks and Dam, Urges Congress to Release Funding for Improvements (Beaver County Times, April 5)
Corps Keeps High Priority for Chickamauga Lock (Chattanooga Times Free Press, April 1)
Repairs of Ohio River Locks and Dams Stymied (Pittsburgh Tribune Review, March 30)
Op-ed by Mike Toohey (Politico, March 15)
Letter to the Editor by Mike Toohey (Wall Street Journal, February 18)
Op-Ed by Mike Toohey: Commentary on River Report Card Fails to Focus on Facts (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, January 12)

WCI Press Releases (2018)

November 20 WCI Elects Directors, Executive Committee, Officers and Audit Committee

November 19 WCI Elects Peter H. Stephaich As Chairman

October 10 WCI Commends Senate for WRDA 2018 Passage

September 13 WCI Applauds Passage of Strong FY 2019 Minibus Conference Report That Funds U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Full Use of Inland Waterways Trust Fund to Continue Five Navigation Projects

June 25 WCI Applauds Senate FY19 Energy & Water Appropriations Funding in Minibus; Full And Efficient Funding For Top Five Navigation Projects

June 11 WCI Reacts to Corps’ FY18 Work Plan, House WRDA Passage, FY19 Energy & Water Appropriations Funding

March 22 WCI Applauds House Passage of Strong FY 2018 Omnibus Appropriations Bill That Funds U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

February 15 WCI Presents 17th Annual Leadership Service Award To Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY); Former Corps Chief of Navigation Jeff McKee Receives 2018 Waterways Counsel Award

February 12 President’s FY2019 Budget Request Cuts Corps’ Funding By More Than 22 Percent

February 12 WCI Reacts to Administration’s Infrastructure Initiative; Proposal Moves Toward Federal Role Elimination on Inland Waterways

February 5 Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to Receive 17th Annual WCI
Leadership Service Award

WCI Press Releases (2017)

November 16 WCI Elects Directors, Officers, Audit Committee Members

November 1 National Waterways Foundation, In Cooperation with Maritime Administration, Releases Study on Impacts of Unscheduled Lock Outages: University of Tennessee/Vanderbilt University Estimate Unscheduled Closures Burden the Shipper Supply Chain By More Than $1 Billion Annually

October 2 Ohio River Closed: Failures at Locks & Dams 52 and 53 Highlight Aging, Critical Infrastructure; Opportunity Ahead to Modernize Inland Waterways

July 21 Senate Appropriations Committee Approves Strong FY ’18 Funding For Corps of Engineers With Full-use of Estimated Inland Waterways Trust Fund Annual Revenues

July 12 House Appropriations Committee Approves Strong FY ’18 Funding For Corps of Engineers With Full-use of Estimated Inland Waterways Trust Fund Annual Revenues

June 1 WCI Meets the Press, Addresses FY 2018 Budget Request; Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2017; FY 2017 Corps Work Plan, Infrastructure Plan

May 4 WCI Applauds Passage of Strong FY 2017 Omnibus Appropriations Bill That Funds
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Highlights: Full-Use of Inland Waterways Trust Fund, Record O&M Funding, Hits Target for Harbor Maintenance Spending

January 27 WCI Releases Navigation & Ecosystem Sustainability Program (NESP) Educational Videos

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