Locks and Dams: The Critical Supply Chain Link
Transportation policies that sustain freight mobility, enhance community livability, and efficiently utilize resources is essential to a supply chain that continues to deliver to our nation and the world. One critical link in that chain is our nation’s inland waterways system. The National Waterways Foundation study, “The Impacts of Unscheduled Lock Outages,” measures economic consequences of extended lock closures and assesses impacts on transportation logistics. Each of these locks has a large, national, economic footprint.

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Critical to Manufacturing in the Heartland

Markland Locks and Dam, a key link of the Ohio River, quietly moves 60 million tons of freight through the river basin each year. Markland and the system it supports are vital commercial conduits within the basin.

Vital to Achieving U.S. Energy Independence

Calcasieu Lock and Dam is a critical piece of the highdensity waterway corridor that serves plastic and chemical producers and petroleum refiners throughout the Gulf region. Unseen to most, Calcasieu moves 40 million tons of freight through the Gulf each year.

Markland Locks & Dam

Calcasieu Lock & Dam

Our Nation’s Agricultural Superhighway


The LaGrange Lock and Dam and the Upper Mississippi Lock and Dam 25 are vital pieces of the marine highway for agricultural commerce, linking the upper Mississippi and Illinois basin farmlands to export markets reachable through the Louisiana Gulf. Each year, more than ten million tons of corn and soybeans transit this lock down-bound for export, and the region’s agriculture is equally served by up-bound fertilizer movement.

In addition, the LaGrange Lock and Dam serves as an integral component in the navigation system linking the Chicago Area and Great Lakes Waterway Systems to the rest of the U.S.

Download “The Impacts of Unscheduled Lock Outages”

Consequences the Nation will Face with Unscheduled Closures of our Locks and Dams

Upper Mississippi Lock & Dam 25

LaGarange Lock & Dam

Download “The Impacts of Unscheduled Lock Outages”