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  • Tennessee officials optimistic about progress in the fight against Asian carp but worried about future Chattanooga Times/Free Press So far, it seems to be working, according to Tennessee Fish and Wildlife Commission Chairman Kurt Holbert. The fish and wildlife commission is the governing body for TWRA and directed $500,000 to TWRA in 2018 for its program to manage the carp population. So far, they've wreaked havoc in Illinois, Missouri and Kentucky.
  • Illinois' first capital is an island that's home to just 18 people. Recent flooding has made it even more isolated. Chicago Tribune And to reach his house, Derek Klein, one of about three dozen residents of the island in Illinois, about 75 miles southeast of St. At about 36 feet, the Old Channel Road is underwater, cutting off the island from the mainland, and anything above 27 feet is considered flood stage. Later, the bell was rung by villagers in Kaskaskia to celebrate their July 4, 1778, liberation from the British by American Col.
  • Travel | Sternwheeler ride on Muskingum River paddles back into Ohio history The Columbus Dispatch The nine still-operational locks stretching upstream to Zanesville have been declared a National Historic Engineering Landmark. The boat just barely fits into the locks, which are about 180 feet long and 36 feet wide. One operator was stationed at each lock. Joseph, Missouri, where the real westward adventure would start. And at our final lock, at Beverly, we heard the tragic story of the Buckeye Belle.
  • River navigation remains stalled Muskogee Phoenix There is no doubt about that." Subsequent rainfalls and minor flooding that have occurred since the near historic crests in May have prevented dredging crews from clearing the channel. Robinson said contractors are not required to work when flows exceed 150,000 cfs.
  • Concrete results expected this summer for replacement lock project at Chickamauga Dam Chattanooga Times/Free Press That concrete would be enough to fill three and a half balls the size of the Epcot Spaceship Earth geosphere, Walker said. Lt. Cullen Jones, commander of the Nashville district of the Army Corps of Engineers, said heavy winter rains delayed work on the new lock earlier this year.
  • River levels will crest at major flood stages again this weekend Bladen Journal (Elizabethtown, N.C.) Louis, the levels are expect to reach 41.8 feet the same day. The region enjoyed a slight break from flooding this week, when the river receded. The major road re-opened last week after being closed for almost a month. The only locks that will be closed are Lock and Dam 24 near Clarksville, Missouri, and the Jerry F. Costello Lock and Dam on the Kaskaskia River near Modoc.
  • Army Corps to cut hours at Lock 4 in Harrison The Valley News-Dispatch Army Corps severely cut service at the four locks in Armstrong County when the federal government cut the budget for the Allegheny River locks by 50 percent. The locks in South Buffalo, West Kittanning, Boggs, and Madison townships were closed to recreational traffic and open to commercial vessels by appointment. A nonprofit, the Allegheny River Development Corp. (ARDC), stepped in and cut a unique deal with the Corps, agreeing to pay the Corps to operate the four Armstrong County locks...
  • Loose barges hit dam on Arkansas River in Oklahoma Arkansas Times BARGES HIT DAM: On Arkansas River. Screenshot from 40.29 video. Barges that broke loose in Muskogee, Okla., floated down the rain-swollen Arkansas River and finally hit a dam at Webbers Falls.
  • Barges hit dam without apparent damage Muskogee Phoenix ...barges have halted their progress down the flooding Arkansas River at Lock and Dam 16, near Webbers Falls. The barges, which broke loose for a second time late Wednesday night, collided with the dam early Thursday afternoon without causing any obvious damage, said Muskogee County Emergency Management Director Jeff Smith. "They both hit the dam, turned onto their sides, the first one rolled under the second one," Smith said. "The second one started taking on water and looked like...
  • Savannah River has proven to be key ingredient in Augusta's downtown development The Augusta Chronicle Doug Barnard, Augusta was able to breach the levee and begin construction in 1985. The company's financing plan includes $14 million in support from the city -- primarily for parking structures.