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  • Savannah River has proven to be key ingredient in Augusta's downtown development The Augusta Chronicle Doug Barnard, Augusta was able to breach the levee and begin construction in 1985. The company's financing plan includes $14 million in support from the city -- primarily for parking structures.
  • Push is on to tear down dams to save salmon and orcas. Why these people say it's a bad idea Tri-City Herald Columbia and Snake river fish runs. However, Newhouse said he does not see that as a political reality. Newhouse: Idaho has its own issues Republican Rep. MIke Simpson, of Idaho, has called for breaching of the lower Snake dams to be considered. But Newhouse called for him to get his own house in order. "What he didn't mention is our dams have the world's most innovative fish passage system, while not a single dam in Idaho has fish passage," Newhouse...
  • Delayed barge season because of flooding has farmers, distributors watching and waiting La Crosse Tribune There are no boats locking up or down the river from St. Until you fill it, you don't get paid," Servais said. It's Mother Nature throwing us a curveball." ------ Jennifer Lu is the La Crosse Tribune environmental reporter.
  • Iowa infrastructure grades improve slightly The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) A 10-cent fuel tax increase in 2015 helped funnel more dollars into short-term road needs, but isn't a long-term fix, he added. U.S. Rep. A D grade indicates it is in poor condition and at risk. But an aging system of locks and dams threatens the industry.
  • Augusta approves more money for Lock and Dam fight The Augusta Chronicle Arlene White said Davis can choose what he wants on his city vehicle "as long as he pays for (the vehicle) himself" which elicited laughs and cheers from the audience.
  • Corps has received more than 460 comments regarding Lock and Dam The Augusta Chronicle And of course, responding to them will be more technical in nature, too.
  • Corps has received hundreds of Lock and Dam comments The Augusta Chronicle And of course, responding to them will be more technical in nature, too.
  • Repairs coming on part of Greeneway in North Augusta The Augusta Chronicle Also, the 2019 budget has $35,000 in the fund for a paving upgrade for the Greeneway. The planter boxes will be used in the Center Street median in Riverside Village, and the council will pay for two additional boxes to be placed in the area as well. They will be recognized at the next council meeting April 29.
  • EDITORIAL: Growing numbers back Lock and Dam The Augusta Chronicle The concern over fish is because the city of Savannah is deepening its busy harbor. Twice in the past 20 years, the Corps has conducted experimental river drawdowns to mimic the effect of removing the Lock and Dam. The city of Augusta approves of that plan.
  • Riverkeeper among those offering solutions for Corps' recommended plan The Augusta Chronicle To keep the pool higher and also allow for greater flood control and fish passage, the idea would be install four6-foot Obvermyere gates at the top that could be raised or laid flat pneumatically. Importantly, it would also avoid a rock floodplain the Corps plan would build 275 feet into Lock and Dam Park that "destroys the park," she said. "That park is incredibly important. Bridges across it would still allow bank fishermen to reach a spit of land on the other side.