Improve System Reliability through Infrastructure Maintenance
Where We Stand
  • WCI supports increasing the budget for O&M by $100 million
  • Adequate dredging is critical to support authorized channel widths and depths to ensure the reliability of commercial operations
  • Controlling costs through hours of operation and right-sizing the work force is important, but efforts to cut costs should not merely mean transferring the cost to industry through delays

While funding in constant dollars for Operations & Maintenance (O&M) on America’s inland navigation system had remained flat for decades, Congress has begun to address the shortfall in the last four appropriations, with increases in FY ’14 – ’15 and record funding for O&M in FY ’16 and ’17.

  • Annual Funding for Operations and Maintenance, 2008-2017
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  • While the private sector constantly innovates its operations, our 21st century economy relies on 1930s technology for our lock and dam infrastructure.

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    • On October 7, 2011, a 280-foot section of the Lockport Wall in Illinois collapsed into the river. Watch this video (below) and understand more about the degradation of our nation’s lock and dam infrastructure.
  • Watch this short video from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers about the many uses of water
    Securing the Nation’s Future Through Water
    Issue News
    EDITORIAL: Trib editorial: Allegheny River locks dams sorely need proposed funding boost Feb 20, 2018 - The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Feb. 19--For too long, the Allegheny River's locks and dams have been shortchanged on funding for necessary upkeep, making maintenance and repairs long overdue. Thus, they sorely need the $18 million proposed for fiscal 2018, up from $5 million in fiscal 2017. Trump's fiscal 2019 proposal, Allegheny River lock-and-dam funding would drop to $7.9 million, but that still would be more than its $5 million level in recent years.